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Why Air Doctor?
  We go beyond just heating and cooling. 
Our senior technician, David J. Barlow, takes
the extra time to analyze complete system performance,
checking for things like loose insulation, oil or
refrigeration leaks, excess energy use, or potential
fire hazards in a furnace.  David has worked in the
HVAC profession since 1998 and has received extensive
training from nationally recognized instructors.  David is
a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association,
demonstrating his commitment to address
not only temperature-related issues, but also
to deal with humidity, dust and pollen, bacteria,
and indoor pollution

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Breathe Easy

  Air Doctor Solutions is here to take care of
all your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
(HVAC) needs.  Most people don’t think much
about their HVAC system until they are
too hot or too cold, and the system is not working.
But just like your automobile, your HVAC
system will work more efficiently, save energy,
perform better and last longer if properly
maintained. Getting your HVAC system
serviced by a professional before it has
a major problem is the smart thing to do:
besides insuring your comfort,
it can save you money.
  Isn’t an Expert like this Expensive?
 Our rates are competitive with service firms in St. George.  For homeowners and businesses, getting a technician to drive more than 25 miles from St. George can become very expensive.  Since Air Doctor is located in Hildale, and is committed to serving customers in the entire four-county region of southwest Utah, a customer can save on the travel costs.  Work scheduled before the summer air-conditioning rush can be less expensive.  Most importantly, proper service could save energy costs, and could preserve and protect the investment you have in your HVAC system and your home.

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